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Related article: Date : Fri, July 4, 97 December 13 17 -0700 From: hotmail boxersdude. com Subject: s history for the submission of I wish I knew the kids with similar experiences. I have a brother, three years older than me. We went to different schools high - he went to public school and I went to private school the first day. rarely seen after school until dinner. My little sister took riding lessons once a week, and my mother took the class and remained there until he was finished, so that one day Each week I the house to myself for a few hours. It is a typical hot 14 years, I have never needed much of an excuse for a straw. I had come home from school one day and took off my clothes for school ( dress pants, vest and tie), stripped to my boxers and only socks. This trip was one of those days, so, knowing that n be alone for a while slumped on the bed, pulled my dick by the departure of my boxer shorts and began tostroked it. It hardens very fast, and started to pump slowly, always lost in my thoughts. Now, do not know if s crept over me, or if you just "involved " that I have heard was coming, but suddenly my older brother and to his friend at the door my room and I saw movement removed. I quickly put my penis again at the end of my boxers, but it was too - who had seen what I did. There was also a notable tent in my boxers. My brother and his girlfriend were not willing to leave so easily. came to me, one on each side of my bed, and, of course, all, I grabbed the legs of my boxer shorts pulled down, out completely. There I was, naked, with my penis stuck up in the air with both of them looked at me, my brother is blue striped boxers my friend had in his hand. They made some rude comments about my erection and my pubic hair. I wanted to die. I asked ªI returned em my boxers and leave me alone. "No way," he said, " finish what he started. " I protested, but free. I trapped - my clothes had blocked the door of the room, I not my bed. I had to do what they said. totally humiliated, I wrapped my right hand around the shaft of my penis over again, and slowly began to stroke it. And he stood there with folded arms watching, laughing. I turned into a thousand shades of red. but Lolita Pedo s a funny thing happens before - as he continued stroking, I started having more excited and more. There was a feeling that I had never experienced. but I n the first ejaculation was afraid, I started thinking, , it would be nice, I always show my masculinity to them. I was naked, pubic hair and my erection - would be awesome to shoot them. I have more and more excited and encouraged to faster and stronger. I have not been too welllong, perhaps about five minutes, but I was getting to the point of no return. Could start feeling orgasm and I wanted to keep back. I kept pumping and exploded in a fountain of sticky white sperm. He shot himself in the the air and landed on my belly and chest. This seemed the most orgasm I've had, and certainly most of those who had ejaculated up to this point. My brother and his friend laughed hysterically as she watched, shoot my load. I kept pumping until there was nothing. I have stopped and fell into bed exhausted. Still laughing at me, threw my boxer back to me and left the room. I do not know if they hold all together. I guess it has - I know it would be safe. After that experience I wanted to show the other kids, and I wanted to see my brother and his friend to shoot me over again. Unfortunately, it never happened. But this was a great experience.
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